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Successful brand development in the major emerging markets


Two renowned brand experts have published their Springer Gabler book “Erfolgreicher Markenaufbau in den großen Emerging Markets” (Successful brand development in major emerging markets) in February, a practical guide that deserves a closer look. Niklas Schaffmeister, managing partner with management consultancy Globeone, and Florian Haller, managing director of the Serviceplan Group, explain how targeted brand growth in future markets such as China, India and Brazil can be achieved.

Based on solid f country analyses, the book presents 25 important strategies and concepts for western companies who want to position their brand in important future-oriented markets successfully. The focus of the comprehensive strategy chapter in the book is on developing a market-driven strategy that is actively focusing on customer needs as well as environmental and market conditions. The two authors argue convincingly that increasing “glocalization” is in demand. In this strategy, global and local factors are combined in a clever adaptation strategy for brands and their messages.

The book systematically examines the major growth markets from a professional communications and marketing perspective. Its launch demonstrates a perfect timing, since according to Japan’s Mizuho-Bank, China’s retail sector will for the first time achieve more sales this year than in the US. This makes China the world’s largest domestic market, marking a new global milestone and proving that China continues to be the fastest growing middle class on the planet.

But it is not only China that marks a new milestone in the current year. According to the British research institute CEBR, India will become the fifth-largest economic power in 2018, surpassing the United Kingdom and France in terms of overall economic performance. The latest Credit Suisse Emerging Market Consumer Survey 2017 shows why: It identifies India as the growth market with the greatest consumer confidence at the moment. And that’s not all: the study shows a clear trend towards increased consumption of branded articles. Here too, the unchecked growth of the middle class is clearly noticeable.

After the economic setbacks from 2013 on, the major emerging markets are regaining some momentum. Against this backdrop, Schaffmeister, an expert in positioning concepts and digital strategies for brand development, believes that brand strategists are well advised to keep the major emerging markets on their radar: “In 2017 alone, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index has leaped over 30 percent, and China and India are about to shed their reputation as the world’s assembly line. Their evolution into real innovation spots raises the expectations of a middle class hungry for consumption. New sales markets are on the verge of being created – ideal conditions for brands that want to grow further.”

The book by Schaffmeister and Haller is likely to attract attention not only because of the renewed dynamism of major growth markets: “With our book”, explains Haller, “we are closing a gap in the practical guidebook market by providing sound background information on tomorrow’s markets and how to design strategies for them. These markets can only be conquered if they are well understood. I am pleased to be able to provide companies with strategies geared towards customer needs and environmental and market conditions.”

The authors:

Niklas Schaffmeister is a recognized brand expert who specializes in the development of positioning concepts with a particular focus on local and global market conditions. For 15 years, Schaffmeister has been successfully advising internationally active companies in the chemical, automotive, technology, retail and other sectors.

Florian Haller gained experience at Lintas and Procter & Gamble, before taking over the management of the Serviceplan Group in July 2002. In 2012, Haller was voted “most creative and innovative manager in the communications industry” by 100 personalities. In 2013 he was admitted to the “Hall of Fame of German Advertising.”

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