Brand Purpose

GLOBEONE Brand Purpose Readiness Study at the Kommunikationskongress 2019

This year’s Kommunikationskongress in Berlin was held under the motto “THE TIME IS NOW” and indeed: the fact that we are living in a time of upheaval that is shaking the core of many companies is already widely acknowledged. What is also well known is that many communication departments in particularly struggle with digitalization and the trend towards increased agility and new ways of working.

The motto “THE TIME IS NOW” was therefore meant as a call for dialogue because in the end, it is not just a matter of acknowledging these technology-driven changes, but also reflecting on their future potential and the related change process.

By now, it is an ongoing tradition that we at Globeone actively participate in the Kommunikationskongress. This year we took the congress’ motto literally by presenting our most recent Purpose Readiness Study, launched only weeks prior.

Our survey explores the potential of purpose, which is now finally being recognized beyond brand management circles and offers a lot of useful touchpoints with aspects of change management and stakeholder engagement. Change in and of itself does not require a purpose, but purpose can help change to succeed. In a time of high volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, a well-developed purpose can provide orientation and support a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders. To this end, however, a purpose must be credibly represented – and this is exactly what many companies in Germany still struggle to do, as we outlined with the presentation of our Purpose Readiness Index© at the Kommunikationskongress.

Our Managing Partner Dr. Niklas Schaffmeister presents the results of our Purpose Readiness Index©
Our Managing Partner Dr. Niklas Schaffmeister presents the results of our Purpose Readiness Index©

Certainly, “THE TIME IS NOW” – but we must not forget that change also takes time. This was not only illustrated by the performance of German companies in our Purpose Readiness Index©, where only a handful are truly purpose-ready, but was also reflected throughout the discussions at this year’s Kommunikationskongress.

You can find all the results of our study here.