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Globeone wishes you Merry Christmas and a happy new year

The German economy has never been as digital as in 2017. Eight out of ten companies state in surveys that they have initiated a digital transformation in their Digital Business, i. e. digitizing their processes, organization, systems, communications and marketing. But only one in four companies has a clear idea of how best to use the new digital technologies to optimize value creation and branding. To put it bluntly: Too many companies are plunging into urgently needed change without fully understanding the requirements and opportunities.

Ongoing globalization, disruptive innovations and growing competition with new champions from major emerging markets indicate that there is a need to catch up here. Demand from customers and consumers in particular show how rapidly digitization is advancing. Online purchases for Christmas 2017 have increased so much that according to DHL, the market leader in parcel services, around 8.5 million parcels will be delivered in Germany on peak days before Christmas.

While Internet giants such as Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer, have long since built up huge platforms for their digital business – and are thus putting enormous pressure on traditional retailers in inner cities – 62 percent of all managing directors and board members state in a Bitkom study that they are not familiar with the term digital platform. As a result, according to a recent study, German companies lose around 500 billion euro in potential added value per year because they are not sufficiently digitized.

Brands that want to prevail in this environment need a comprehensive strategy, so that they can successfully prepare and implement the necessary transformation. Reason enough to think about this calmly in the early days of 2018.

We at globeone wish everyone a peaceful and contemplative Christmas and a successful start to the year 2018!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our customers and supporters.

Your Globeone team

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