25 strategies for successful brand strategy

25 strategies for successful Brand Building in Key Emerging Markets

At the Club-evening of the Marketing Club Düsseldorf Dr. Niklas Schaffmeister spoke about the VW-scandal and its consequences for the image of German brands. In this context, he also in-troduced 25 strategies and frameworks for brand growth in emerging markets from his book “Brand Building and Marketing in Key Emerging Markets”.

This book and its 25 key strategies will help guiding decision makers in mastering the complexities of marketing and brand building in the key emerging markets. And it will help them realizing the full potential of their brands and products in the markets of tomorrow.

Expert opinion:

“To succeed globally in the future you need to understand the BRIC countries, both their commonalities and differences. This book provides the depth of knowledge you need and offers fresh perspectives and conceptual frameworks to address the challenges of building successful brands in this complex, dynamic area”
David Aaker, Vice-Chairman, Prophet & author of Aaker on Branding

An overview of all 25 strategies and more expert opinions on the book can be found here

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“Brand Building and Marketing in Key Emerging Markets”

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