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NEXT LEVEL MARKETING – German Marketing Day in Frankfurt

The theme “Next Level Marketing” drives marketing and communication decision makers and was therefore the motto of the 44th German Marketing Day in Frankfurt on November 23.

Globeone was there with a local team and was able to see how difficult digital change is for all those companies that did not set out with a purely digital business model. Much seems to be possible, but the “retrofitting” of traditional business models continues to be difficult because this often leads to large parts of the familiar business model being thrown overboard or at least undergoing drastic cultural change. However, the silos between marketing, sales, various business units and traditional communication disciplines still stand in the way of this change. And so, despite all the enthusiasm about automation, smart data, artificial intelligence, predictive targeting, chat bots and voice recognition, there were also some admonishing voices.

“Information Overload – An extremely fragmented range of “digital solutions” makes life difficult for marketing decision-makers. At the beginning there must always be the question of what you want to achieve and not the technical solution.”

For example, Uwe Storch, Head of Media at Ferrero, eloquently reported on all the broken dreams and unfulfilled service provider promises around programmatic buying and optimization of digital media spendings. He did this by bursting a whole bunch of colorful balloons one by one. But there were also many positive and new things to see. Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht (WHU) broke the visitor record with his session on “From Big Data to Smart Data & Analytics”. The venue of the German marketing Day was packed with people, for a good reason. Conclusion of the session: brand management remains extremely relevant, even in the digital changing age. Many marketing managers are currently working too much operationally and lose sight of the essentials in the data jungle. And it is marketing that has to be responsible for customer-centered topics, not technology.

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