B2B storytelling


How can a large listed B2B corporation develop an integrated COM and state-of-the-art storytelling?


Most business-to-business corporations deal with highly complex products or abstract commodities. Resultantly, they often find it hard to differentiate themselves from their competition. Powerful storytelling and agility are two essential factors for successful communication and content marketing for any B2B CORPORATION.
A globally leading chemical company needed to make its communication more integrated, transparent and efficient. The goal was to boost the B2B storytelling by improving cross-disciplinary alignment and editorial planning in the communications department.


Globeone supported the company in developing and implementing a lean newsroom concept that clearly allocated responsibilities for strategically relevant storytelling topics. The centerpiece of this concept was a weekly editorial routine, in which the responsible topic managers discuss and decide the current editorial planning and forthcoming stories. Globeone also developed several editorial support tools, such as a professional planning tool and an integrated board calendar, enabling year-round editorial planning at various levels (board, events, strategic topics and channels). Thanks to the central topic steering and regular editorial exchange, topics are now strategically unfolded over the year and better tailored to the needs of relevant target groups. Furthermore, the improved cross-disciplinary coordination created synergy effects resulting in more efficient content creation and distribution. The organizational change in the communication department permitted storytelling that now truly supports the company’s positioning by communicating its purpose and strategic key topics to relevant stakeholders in an engaging and powerful way.


For top executives, brand and communication decision markers as well as integrated marketing owners.

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