Digital transformation


How can a pioneering technology leader speak with “One Digital Voice”?

Taking center stage among the Digital Technology Leaders.

Talk about the digital transformation of a technology leader, ABB, the pioneering leader with a 125-year history and about 136,000 employees worldwide, launched its Next Level strategy in late 2014. The brand, however, had yet to follow: a heterogeneous portfolio of brands was hindering ABB from unlocking the value of its digital offering. In an increasingly digitalized ecosystem, the ABB brand needed a digital activation strategy to drive its quantum leap into the digital sphere.

The launch of ABB Ability™ the technology leader.

Faced with this challenge, Globeone provided support in the communication roll-out of the then newly launched ABB Ability™ at its key customer event: the ABB Customer World. By adopting a cross-divisional approach, we managed an internal support structure for content creation and established the ABB Ability stories: a collection of digital highlights for each of the key industries ABB operates in, visualized and contextualized as interactive digital landscapes.

Unleashing the power of ABB technology leader.

The approach adopted to reach customers with “One Digital Voice” paved the way for new cross-product and cross-divisional communication. Today, ABB has already begun to reap the benefits from its digital communication and continues to tell its digital transformation story, adapting the ABB Ability case studies to key local markets.


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