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WeChat Official Account Follower Behavior Study in China

In the Chinese social media realm, WeChat the dominating IM app has long passed its position as a pure messaging app and has become a very powerful tool for companies to promote their brand, products and services through the WeChat’s official account channel.

To gain a better understanding of followers’ preferences, evaluation and behavior when it comes to WeChat official accounts, globeone introduces a substantial WeChat official accounts follower behavior study in China, interviewing 2,000 WeChat official account followers in 9 top tier cities in China. The study offers unique insights for companies and an opportunity to optimize their WeChat strategy. The key findings are listed as below:

  1. Most respondents have a positive attitude towards corporate WeChat official accounts
  2. There is a clear preference of subscription accounts over service accounts
  3. Content quality is the main driver to grow and retain followers
  4. “Sharing” plays a very important role in driving new followers
  5. Use all the functions available to provide follower-friendly user experience
  6. Adjust posting schedule to adapt to the peak reading time

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