Future-Proofing Corporate COM

Corporate communication is the strategic driver of a company’s reputation and brand development. At the same time, it is subject to massive adjustment pressures and must increasingly assert itself alongside marketing. We support you in translating corporate strategies into a consistent and strong communication strategy and in fully leveraging the opportunities offered by digital communication by building on your company values and core messages.

Communications performance tracking

Communication analysis

Behind every message lies a wealth of meanings. We assist you in measuring the success of your communication in digital and traditional channels based on the Effect-level Model and in choosing the right dimension for benchmarking yourself with the competition.

Message framework

Communication strategy

Important messages reach customers on an emotional level. We support you with an integrated strategy and planning approach that prepares you for the unexpected and ensures that the right audience hears, understands and remembers your message.

Communication strategy

Agile organization and processes

Communication is undergoing unprecedented change. The boundaries between internal and external communications have blurred to the point that these functions are often merged, while digital communications as a siloed sub-discipline has been gradually discontinued.

Communication planning

Corporate newsrooms

The traditional newsroom concept for corporate communications has become outdated. A “Newsroom Light” approach helps companies make their editorial processes faster, more efficient, and more successful.

Brand measurement

Content model development

The basis for agile communication is transparency and a clear, effective division of labour. A tailor-made content model helps to distribute the topics and work packages between corporate communications, marketing, and market communications. In this way you create clarity, avoid conflicts and gain speed in the interest of the company.

DIGITAL Customer jounrey

Digitization of content operation

Modern corporate communications must seize the opportunities of digitalization if they are to keep up with other functions and play an active role in shaping the “customer journey”. Digital content marketing systems help by combining strategic planning, topic planning, content creation, and distribution in one system.

Communication analytics

KPI systems and performance tracking

To work efficiently and effectively, everyone must pull together. Based on the Effect-level Model, Globeone advises you on how to design your KPI system in such a way that it truly works and supports you in achieving your goals.

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