Reinventing Stakeholder Experience

A corporate strategy can only be effective if brand and communication reach the right stakeholder groups at the right time. Together, we examine the perception of your brand(s), understand weaknesses and strengths, and design your customer/ stakeholder journey with the aim of generating the greatest possible benefit.

Market and customer segmentation

Does your brand address different interest groups? We help you better understand and prioritize your target groups and relate them to your business model and strategic goals.


Customer-centric processes

Customer-centricity is the magic word in an increasingly faster & digital world. But how do you design such a process, which ultimately affects almost all other areas of a company? We help companies avoid getting lost in the details, and successfully take this change forward in a targeted step-by-step approach.


Experience & usability diagnosis

How does the customer truly and holistically experience your brand and its digital touch points? We allow you to look through the lens of your target groups with quantitative and qualitative survey and observation methods. Where do you stand in terms of experience?

Experience strategy

Based on our analyses, we help you to define a step-by-step strategy that generates the desired experience for your customer and stakeholder groups. We build on established concepts such as the “Moments-of-Truth” model and related processes to design the optimal strategy.

Persona development Icon

Persona development

In the era of intense personalization and precise targeting, persona development is gaining in importance. Together with you, we analyze and characterize your most important customer groups as the basis for an effective communication strategy across relevant touchpoints.

DIGITAL Customer jounrey

Digital customer and service experience

Your customers’ online experience strongly influences brand perception and ultimately many of their purchasing decisions. We rethink your digital “touchpoints” to make the brand experience unique.

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