Shaping Agile Brands

When change is the new normal, strength and agility are essential qualities for a brand to adapt, evolve and grow. We help our clients develop and revise their brand to give face to their business transformation, and make it tangible to the world.


In times of rapid change, brands must keep up and adapt to new conditions. We accompany extensive brand transformation processes, which often involve completely rethinking the brand purpose, the brand’s story, positioning, and appearance.

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No company can avoid the definition of a higher corporate purpose, or so-called “brand purpose” to engage with their most important stakeholders and ensuring through relevant adjustments that the market positioning, values, and vision work harmoniously in one direction.

Brand analytics

Brand evaluation & analytics

A dynamic business environment requires efficient brand adaptation. Based on data-driven analysis, we develop a precise picture of your brand and the required steps to achieve your strategic goals.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy & positioning

New business strategies usually reflect the interests of new stakeholder groups. We develop your brand portfolio, your brand architecture and positioning accordingly, as well as the strategy for successful implementation.


Value proposition & EVPs

Value propositions, and employer value propositions (EVPs) in particular, are important cornerstones for successful positioning towards internal and external stakeholder groups. We support you in a professional, joint derivation of measurable value propositions which usually form the basis of steady brand positioning over many years.

Brand governance

Brand architecture and migration

Strategic decisions such as acquisitions, spin-offs or IPOs can influence the corporate structure and thus the target image. We support you in the effective reorganisation of your brand portfolio, in target state development and in implementing the necessary brand migration.

Crossculture brand safety

Cross-cultural brand safety

Today, a globally active corporation can no longer control in which markets its messages arrive. A lack of attention to cultural factors leads to considerable risks and missed opportunities – and thereby often results in serious controversy.


Brand and communication efficiency

We support you in measuring the success of your brand and identifying potential for improvement. Whether by designing optimized KPI models, quantitative tracking or qualitative insights, we provide you with the necessary information to understand and interpret the results of your brand investments.

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