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The topic of corporate purpose is becoming increasingly vital for strategy development and brand positioning. Fundamentally, why does the company exist and how can it make a positive contribution to all stakeholders in the face of immense global challenges?

For the first time, the Globeone Purpose Readiness Index provides Swiss companies and institutions with insights on how they can position themselves in a credible way with regard to their corporate purpose. Read our study to learn more about which companies and industries currently have a good starting position and which are lagging in terms of their purpose credibility.

Dr. Niklas Schaffmeister
"Purpose-driven positioning becomes more and more relevant for a company’s success. As brand driver for customers, as growth driver for investors and as driver of meaning for employees."
— Dr. Niklas Schaffmeister, Managing Partner
"The basis for a purpose-led positioning is extremely strong for most Swiss companies. But it is remarkable that especially some of the Swiss flagship industries struggle with their purpose credibility."
— Carina Hauswald, Managing Partner
Carina Hauswald

Facts about the study




purpose-relevant image dimensions


of the most popular Swiss brands


(Survey Period: Q1 2020)

The majority of Swiss brands could credibly communicate a purpose

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When is a business “Purpose Ready”?

By definition, the corporate brand should be seen as honest, authentic, responsible, sustainable and fit for the future. Only then can the company convincingly address all interest groups and be prepared to communicate its purpose credibly.

At its core is the question of how credibly Swiss companies are already succeeding today in positioning themselves externally with a strong purpose. In order for a company to position itself credibly with a purpose that aims to contribute to a better world, it should be perceived by the public as having as few negative associations and scandals as possible.

Do your customers understand your Brand’s Purpose?

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